Academy Water and Sanitation District

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Project Details

GMS, Inc. was contacted by Academy Water and Sanitation District (AWSD) to address the future needs of the District’s wastewater management system.  Of particular focus were the requirements for wastewater treatment associated with a surface water discharge.  Future effluent limitation changes for ammonia in the discharge from the District’s existing wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) required a change in treatment technology.  The District opted to convey its wastewater to the Donala Water and Sanitation District (DWSD) through the implementation of a new lift station and force main.  This was the most cost effective and efficient alternative to meet the new discharge limit.

The new lift station transfers wastewater generated in approximately the eastern three-quarters of the District’s service area over the topographic ridge line of the service area, where it continues by gravity to the DWSD collection system.  Approximately the western one-quarter of the AWSD service area flows by gravity through the existing AWSD collection system to the point of connection with the DWSD collection system; this area does not flow to the new lift station.  The project’s goal was to convey all raw wastewater generated within the AWSD service area to the DWSD collection system, and subsequently to the Upper Monument Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility (UMCR WWTF).  With the installation of the new lift station, 4,500 linear feet of force main pipeline, and connection piping to the DWSD collection system; the existing AWSD WWTF and the existing two AWSD lift stations have been removed from service.

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